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  • Get back to your life in the shortest amount of time!

  • Friendly, helpful and professional customer service!

  • Put your life back in motion!

  • We use the latest research and evidence!

  • We are encouraging, optimistic and fun!

  • Woodstock Physical Therapy uses individualized manual therapy and therapeutic exercise backed by the best evidence to help our patients achieve the best possible level of comfort and movement in the shortest amount of time. Some of the conditions we treat are:

    » Ankle Pain
    » Back Pain/Sciatica
    » Balance Dysfunction/Dizziness
    » Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    » Fibromyalgia
    » Fractures
    » Frozen Shoulder
    » Hand and Wrist Injuries
    » Headaches/ TMJ
    » Hip Pain
    » Knee Pain
    » Neck Pain
    » Neurological Conditions
    » Osteoarthritis
    » Osteoporosis
    » Plantar Fasciitis
    » Nerve Disorders
    » Shoulder Pain
    » Sports Injuries
    » Sprains and Strains
    » Tendonitis
    » Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow
    » Total Joint Replacement
    » Spinal Conditions